Programs Offered

We enjoy traveling to schools, centers, churches and other businesses to give programs about our books and how we put them together!   


At this time we offer the following programs:


*Putting It All Together! - How we publish our books (all ages)


*Down on the Farm! – Interactive children’s program (ages 0-7)


*Dig It Dude! – Interactive children’s program (ages 0-7)


*What It Takes! – Interactive children’s program (ages 7-11)


Each program costs $100 - $500 depending upon the time spent at the program, the number of people attending and various other duties asked of the author and illustrator such as book signing and/or photo opportunities, as well as distance traveled.


Stacey and Richard present these programs together and are available most nights and weekends, as well as during the summer.  Stacey is currently teaching in a middle school so programs during the daytime hours can not be scheduled unless special arrangements are set up with the author.


If interested, please email Stacey at or call her at (419) 345-5308.