"An elegant entertainment for early readers, "The New Blue Tractor" is enthusiastically recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library picturebook collections."  - Midwest Book Review

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We've Been Reviewed Again! Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch 9-08

We've been reviewed again for It's Time to Combine!  Visit  http://www.midwestbookreview.com/cbw/feb_10.htm

Some fun kid quotes about The New Blue Tractor...

"I liked when the tractor pushed the snow and the pictures too." Brooke Age 6

"I really like answering the questions at the end of the book.  I like clapping out the syllables."  Mo Age 6

"I like when the tractor plows the field.  I like when the tractor gets hooked to the corn planter."  Gabe Age 4

"I love this book because I love tractor books.  I like the corn planter page the best!"          Evan Age 4


And, an adult quote...

"This is a wonderful book that uses easy to understand words and beautiful illustrations.  My six year old practiced his reading skills using this book while my four year old enjoyed learning what a tractor does and how it helps in farming.  Using the questions at the end of the book, I was able to check my children's comprehension of the book and practice some of the skills that they have learned at school." - A Mom named Christinn

Speaking of tractors, look at this great tractor art created by Marina - Wow!!!!  Thank you Marina!


 A beginning reader "Listmania" on Amazon on farming...Click Here!

 Amazon Listmania on Easy Reader Books About Farming


Our 3rd Book is available!  Please see the purchase page!

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 Our first early reader book in the construction series is...   

This first reader book showcases two bulldozers digging through the simple steps in creating a pond.  The easy  repetitive text is accompanied by delightful illustrations that encourage children to discover how the pond is made.   (See a few pages below.)   

      Our first early reader book in the farm series is...

This first early reader uses simple text that encourages children to read on their own about tractors truly working hard all year long.  It is a must for any child who has an interest in tractors. The new tractor demonstrates the real work that a tractor performs on a real farm all through the seasons.  The easy, repetitive text showcases the tractor’s importance on a farm.  (See a few pages below.)

 The Bulldozers Dig A Pond pages...


The New Blue Tractor pages...